The Youth LifeShift Project aims to create realistic opportunities for youths of Africa to learn and grow, in order to attain their full potential as impact leaders and influencers, rising above the challenges of marginalisation, social ills, economic exclusion, and personal limitations. The Youth LifeShift Project is an innovative vehicle to utlise in contributing to youth development and sustainable economic development in major African countries. The major outcomes and many benefits of the project and constituent programmes are summarised below.

Project Outcomes & Benefits

  • The Youth LifeShift Project is a bold step taken to utilise the powerful process of coaching and mentoring to facilitate personal development, self improvement, skill enhancement and empowerment in the youths of Africa. This is a step that is required now more than ever for the younger generation of Africans.
  • The Youth LifeShift Project has been designed to help develop a sustainable growth-optimised mindset in younger minds, which has the potential to empower them to deal more effectively with negative fallouts of harsh social and economic factors that often result in their anxiety, depression and poor decision-making.
  • The Youth LifeShift Project provides a great opportunity for youths to experience professional coaching and mentoring while still young, thereby positioning them to enjoy better quality of life and achieve all-round It’s about blueprinting future qualitative leadership and global relevance.
  • While technologies can be changed fairly easily, changing peoples’ thinking, mindsets and behaviours is not that easy. The Youth LifeShift Project provides processes and activities that engage the hearts of young men and women, and also reveal their critical ‘energy triggers’ and ‘hot buttons’ for mindset change.
  • The Youth LifeShift Project is one of the best possible packages of opportunity to create a happier, healthier, energised, engaged, and more positive younger population of Africans. The great possibilities and opportunities that this process has for families, homes, schools, workplaces and communities are endless.
  • The Youth LifeShift Project, through the one-on-one and group coaching engagements provides a good perspective on individual youth’s strengths and abilities, as well as potentials and development needs, thereby revealing the particular skills that must be developed in a particular individual.