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Let’s work together to create a better educated, more exposed, more energised and incredibly inspired youth population across Africa and in your home country. 

Become a Project Sponsor and/or Partner

The Youth LifeShift Project requires the support of reputable, capable and committed sponsors and partners for its continued success, sustainability and expansion.

What you can do as a Sponsor and/or Partner:

  • Sponsor One-on-One Coaching & Mentoring Programme
  • Sponsor Youth Entrepreneurship Support (“YES”) Programme
  • Sponsor Teen Action-Learning Programme
  • Sponsor Integrated Programme Activities
  • Donate or Contribute Learning Materials or Other Materials
  • Provide Your Professional or Technical Services
  • Others – Your Desired/Preferred Support

Some Sponsorship & Partnership Benefits

  • Massive Brand Promotion/Marketing
  • Induction into the “YLS Gold Brand”
  • Applicable Tax Reduction/Exemption
  • 50% Discount Coaching Offering by ICMI
  • ‘Priceless’ Life-Changing help for Youths
  • Support for Africa’s Youth Development

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